Perfect Cheeseburger

How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger | Matty Matheson

How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger? Toronto’s Parts and Labour owner and burger champion Matty Matheson has had a burger or two in his day, so we put our trust in him to teach us how to make a proper one. Here he breaks down the science and technique of burger making, and shows us what separates the real deals from the fakes out there. Its all about good beef baby!

What Beef makes a Perfect Cheeseburger?

Answer: High Quality Beef From Our Farm in Killorglin 

When you eat your burger at our Restaurant in Killorglin you know that every Burger comes directly from our farm just 4 miles away. When making a Real Burger we think less is more. So no additives, never frozen, always just 100% High Quality Beef – what else do you need?

Then the beef is minced fresh every morning & we add salt and pepper before grilling & serving. #FarmToFork

How to Eat a Perfect Cheeseburger

Everybody loves our High Quality Beef & Perfect Cheeseburger. Especially our family pet Buster! 

Along with making the Perfect Cheeseburger we have a list of signature burgers.

The Aussie, Hawaiian, Deluxe, Smokey and our popular King Puck 1/2 Pounder which is named after famous festival Puck Fair.


We also have some great Chicken Burgers. Our Chuck Burger & The Jesse. Hugely popular & full of flavour. Again we hold the same “Real” ethos with our Chicken Burgers.  All our chicken burgers are made with full Irish Chicken Breasts from a local supplier in Tralee. No Additives, Never Frozen Just 100% Chicken Breast.


So if you fancy a Perfect Cheeseburger or any of our other signature burgers either Chicken or Beef then give us a call on  066 979 0000